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Hippos Rock

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  2008.10.30  16.54

hippo halloween!
hippo halloween!
In this photo provided by Rome's Bioparco zoo, Mimi', left, and Carlo, two hippos in their thirties, approach carved pumpkins for Halloween, fed to them as a Halloween treat, Thursday, Oct. 30, 2008.

Mood: hippos!

  2008.02.11  18.29

 Hi i noticed this has not been updated in almost a year.. sooo I figured id be the first in a long time.

I aboslutely love Hippos!! I have so many hippo stuffed animals! They're so cute, yet deadly creatures.
I am planning to be a zookeeper and even though the zoo that is close to me, and that i want to work in, has ZERO hippos. :( Maybe I can do somethng to  change that.

The last stuffed Hippo I got was from Build-a-bear. :) and shes purple and named Fantasia.

I will post a picture later because this community needs activeness!! :D

PS. i think i know what that person before me was talking about. I saw a thing on Animal Planet about a hippo named jessica who loves to drink coffee and eat potatoes.


Oh and just to show you my LOVE FOR HIPPOS is my email address is: hippoluv215 :) hehe yays

Mood: hopeful

  2007.06.29  13.19

I thought you guys would love this:

"Jessica weighs almost a ton and enjoys sweet coffee and a massage before she goes to bed. She's a hippo with a big identity crisis - she thinks she's a family pet."


How cool is that? I am nearly in tears with the wanting.

Mood: hippos!

  2006.10.05  21.39
House Hippo

Just re-found this, and thought I'd post it for those of you who didn't have a Canadian childhood.
The house hippo. kee.

Mood: nostalgic

  2006.08.18  14.59
Hippo Friday!

mom & baby

Mood: squee!

  2006.07.18  14.59
Baby hippo

A baby pygmy hippo at the Louisville Zoo. His parents were humping right behind him. Poor thing, being neglected. Heh heh. I have more pictures, just not on this computer, so hopefully I will get to post more later.

(if that's too big, let me know and I'll gladly cut it!)


  2006.05.26  11.10
hippos for no reason

mom & baby hippo  

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


  2006.05.09  13.47

Look at this pretty hippo from Berlin Zoo. :)

Read more...Collapse )

Mood: happy

  2006.03.03  18.19

hippos eatin' cake

"As the hippos made pigs of themselves, a chorus of humans sang 'Happy Birthday'."

Article--and awesome photo gallery--here: http://www.wral.com/family/7655741/detail.html

Mood: ecstatic

  2005.12.28  15.37

Here's an update on our favorite couple...

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -- The unlikely couple of a baby hippo and a 130-year-old tortoise were still together, a year after the hippo was separated from its family by a tsunami.


  2005.11.30  09.58

no hippo

Mood: silly

  2005.11.29  00.00
A Hippo Community!

Oh my!

Hippos are so underrated.
So terribly underrated.
They are so awesome.

Mood: excited

  2005.11.07  18.58

I am sadened to see that this community looks dead because I love Hippos! Is anyone still out there?! I want to post pictures of my hippos and stuff =( /cry!


  2005.09.12  21.43

I wish I had a house hippo.


  2005.08.23  15.36

I'm new, and I wanted to say hello. I also wanted to say that hippos are great. ;D


  2005.06.22  13.51

I love hippos too , i love more if they have pink bows x


  2005.05.08  01.57

I love hippos so much. I have hippo stuff all over. They amaze me. I like to cuddle with my hippo pillows at night =)

Im Jordan by the way and this community is awesome


  2005.03.24  22.10

From National Geographic, November 2004:

Hippo Skin Care -- No Sweat

Because hippopotamuses ooze a reddish fluid from their skin, ancient Greeks are said to have believed they sweated blood. Now Japanese researchers have found that the hippo secretions are therapeutic.

Not actually sweat, a hippo's glandular skin fluid contains two pigments, one red, one orange. Kimiko Hashimoto, a chemist at Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, and colleagues analyzed skin liquid from hippos at Tokyo's Ueno Zoological Gardens. She says both the red and the orange pigments may act as sunscreens. Hippos spend a lot of time in the sun and secrete the fluid even when submerged. The pigments also seem to have antibiotic properties, perhaps to help heal wounds incurred during frequent fights. Hashimoto hopes that new medicines might be developed "using these pigments as starting compounds."


  2005.03.24  22.09

Hippo eats dwarf

A HIPPOPOTAMUS has swallowed a dwarf in a circus accident in northern Thailand.

"A dwarf, nicknamed Od, died when he bounced sideways from a trampoline and was swallowed by a yawning hippopotamus, which was waiting to appear in the next act," the Pattaya Mail reported.

"Vets on the scene said Hilda the Hippo had a gag reflec that automatically caused her to swallow."

The vets said it was the first time the hefty vegetarian had ever eaten a circus performer.

"Unfortuntealy, the 1000-plus spectators continued to applaud wildly until commonsense dietated there had been a tragic mistake.

"Police said the trampoline had been sent for forensic analysis."


  2005.03.24  22.06
The Tortoise and the Hippo

Giant tortoise adopts baby hippo

NAIROBI, Kenya (Reuters) -- A 120-year-old giant tortoise living in a Kenyan sanctuary has become inseparable from a baby hippo rescued by game wardens, officials said on Thursday.

The year-old hippo calf christened Owen was rescued last month, suffering from dehydration after being separated from his herd in a river that drains into the Indian Ocean.

"When we released Owen into the enclosure, he lumbered to the tortoise which has a dark grey color similar to grown up hippos," Sabine Baer, rehabilitation and ecosystems manager at the park, told Reuters.

She said the hippo's chances of survival in another herd were very slim, predicting that a dominant male would have killed him.

However, Owen's relationship with the Aldabran tortoise named Mzee, Swahili for old man, may end soon. The sanctuary plans to place Owen with Cleo, a lonely female hippo.

Odd couple make friends in Kenya

A baby hippo rescued after floods in Kenya last week has befriended a 100-year-old tortoise in Kenya. The one-year-old hippo calf christened Owen was found alone and dehydrated by wildlife rangers near the Indian Ocean.

He was placed in an enclosure at a wildlife sanctuary in the coastal city of Mombasa and befriended a male tortoise of a similar colour.

According to a park official, they sleep together, eat together and "have become inseparable".

"Since Owen arrived on the 27 December, the tortoise behaves like a mother to it," Haller Park tourism manager Pauline Kimoti told the BBC News website.

"The hippo follows the tortoise around and licks his face," she said.

The tortoise is named Mzee, which is Swahili for old man.

Ms Kimoti said that if the 300kg hippo continued to thrive then in the next few weeks they would allow the public to see the unlikely pair together before they are separated.

The sanctuary, which is on the site of a former cement factory, plans eventually to get the help of the Kenya Wildlife Service to place Owen with Cleo, a lonely female hippo in a separate enclosure.

This is the latest in a series of unusual bondings in the wild that have surprised and delighted zoologists in Kenya.

In 2002, a lioness at Samburu National Park adopted a succession of baby oryx.


  2005.03.24  22.06

You will pay for hippopotamus at court!

Romanian girl has brought an action against her might-have-been boyfriend because the latter called her a hippopotamus. The girl and the young man met with the help of an agency for matching couples. The problem is that the girl lied about her actual weight when she sent a letter of acquaintance to a man. This became a reason for the whole of the story.

Relations between Nikoleta Popesku and Gabriel Malinesku started very romantically. They found each other through a notice in a newspaper and began sending letters and making calls to each other. The romantic story lasted for two months, over the whole period the man believed that his girlfriend was young, slender, beautiful, kind and merry. Nikoleta lied that her weight was 50,5 kg, and Gabriel had no reasons at all to mistrust her words. Finally, after the two months of romantic friendship the couple decided to date.

When the young man saw his darling, his heart nearly broke. Contrary to his expectations, the girl was rather stout, with the weight making approximately a centner. The man was so much discouraged at that moment that he impulsively called the girl a she-hippopotamus because of her grand weight. The insulting was rather unexpected for Nikoleta who really believed that her weight would cause no problems for romantic friendship with the man. The insulted girl decided to obtain justice with the help of the law. Nikoleta Popesku has brought an action against Gabriel Malinesku on compensation of moral damage caused by the hippopotamus insulting. The girl said: "I have been so much injured. He is probably ignorant of the fact that beauty on the whole does not mean external beauty only."


  2005.03.24  22.05

Hippo Girl song


  2005.02.18  11.47


Pleaaaaseee join my community for the Bang On the Door hippo!?!  <3


  2004.12.19  00.30

i collect hippos lol YAY for hippos



  2004.10.05  11.51

Ok, so I've never started a community before, but I wanted to have a hippo loving kinda place cuz... well... I'm just bored. So yeah... sorry if this community sucks... if you wanna help make it better, lemme know! :-D